Welcome to ​​Your Aloha Mobile Notary​​​

Document and Travel Fees:
*Travel Fees Are In Addition To All Document / Location Fees*​​
​    General Notarized Documents Fees:

  • Acknowledgments: $15 Per Signature

  • ​Jurats (Oath / Affirmation): $15 Per Signature

  • ​Proof of Execution: $15 Per Signature ​​

  • ​Deposition: $20; In Addition For Oath / Affirmation: $7

  • ​Certification Copy (Power Of Attorney): $15 Per Copy
  • Photocopy of Journal Entry: $0.30 Per Page​

  • ​​Printing Fee: $0.10 Per Page

  • ​​After Hours / Emergency (9Pm-9Am): $20 Per Visit
​     *In addition to Document and Travel Fees*

    ​Standard Travel Fees (Roundtrip):

  • ​0-2 Miles: Fee Waived
  • 3-20 Miles: $1.00 Per Mile
  • 21+ Miles: $1.50 Per Mile

   Location Parking Fees:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices
  • Rehab Facilities              
  • Nursing Homes  
  • Assisted Living Center
  • Senior Centers
  • Retirement Homes

*Parking Fees will be due at the time of signing. Amount is based upon locations parking fee.

  • Jails / Prisons
  • Detention Centers
  • Courthouses
​                  *Local (Antioch): $50/Hr
                  *6-20 Miles: $75/Hr

Please contact me for inquiries about 21+ mile locations

​​    Other Service Fees:

  • Cancellation (3 Hours Prior / 3Pm or later; the night before an AM appointment): $20

  • Waiting / Extra Time (15+ Mins): $15 Increments of 15 mins

  • Client No Show / Refusal To Sign: 100% Travel Fee Due

*Travel Fee Is Still Due At The Time Of Service If We Are      Unable To Complete The Notarization*
Accepted Forms Of Payment:

Card: 2.75 % Sales Tax Added
​Business Check​ (No PERSONAL checks)



  I am not an Attorney, licensed to practice law or give legal advice in the State of California. I cannot explain or advise contents of any document for you. I'd would be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. Any questions about your document should be addressed to document issuer, company, and / or attorney.