Welcome to ​​Your Aloha Mobile Notary​​​

What You Need To Know:
    What Is A Mobile Notary

  • A mobile Notary is a responsible and honest person who is appointed by the State of Secretary, that travels to clients that are unable to leave their home or place of business. They witness the signing of important documents, administer Oaths and Affirmations, and other tasks that State law requests.

  What Forms Of Identification Are Valid?

   *Identification must be current or issued within 5 years*

  •    ID card or Driver’s License issued by the CA DMV

  •  U.S Passport

  •  Inmate ID card issued by the CA Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Inmates in custody in a CA prison only)

  • Inmate ID issued by a sheriff’s department (Inmates in custody in a local detention facility only)


    What If I Don't Have Any Of The Above IDs?

   Other forms of ID that are accepted must be current or              issued within 5 years and contain ALL 4 required elements:  

                                1. Photograph 
                        2. Description of the person
                        3. Signature of the person
                        4. Identifying number

  • ID card or Driver's Licensed issued by another state

  • Valid consular ID document 

  • Driver’s License issued by a Canadian or Mexican public agency (ID cards not accepted)

  • U.S Military ID card (Caution: Some Military ID cards  might not contain all the required information)

  • Employee ID card issued by an agency or office of the State of CA,  or an agency or office of a CA city, county, or city and county

  • ID card issued by a federally recognized Tribal government

    What If I Don't Have An Acceptable Type Of ID?

   The identity of the signer can be established by
   the Oath or Affirmation by one or two Credible Witnesses

  ~One Credible Witness:     ~Two Credible Witnesses:

   *Known to Notary             *Not Known to Notary
   *Knows Signer                  *Knows Signer
   *Presents ID Document     *Presents ID Document
   *Takes Oath/Affirmation   *Takes Oath/Affirmation
   *Signs Journal                   (Under Penalty Of Perjury)
                                           *Both Witnesses Sign Journal                                        

​    What Types of ID Are Not Acceptable?
  • Social Security Cards
  • Birth or Marriage Certificates 
  • Credit Cards
  • School IDs
  • Library or Membership Cards 
  • Temporary Driver's Licenses

    What If I'm Unable To Sign My Name?

   There is a procedure called "Signature By Mark" that allows a   signer to participate in completing the notarization process:

  • Signer must be identified

  • Two witnesses must observe the signer making the mark and sign their names next to the signer's mark on the document

  • Witnesses do not need to be personally known by signer

  • One witness must write out signer's name next to the mark

  • Signer is required to make a mark in the Notary journal. Must be witnessed by the person who signed their name next to the signer's mark in the journal. Witness will then write signer's name next to the mark.

    Are You Licensed, Bonded, Or Insured?

  • Yes, I'm a Certified Notary Public in the State of California through National Notary Association.
  • 15K bond with Merchant's Bonding Company

  • 100K E & O with Merchant's Bonding Company

    Can You Refuse Service To Anyone?

  • Yes, I can refuse service only if I am concerned about my safety, a signer’s identity, willingness, mental awareness, or have a reason to suspect fraud. I may not discriminate against race, religion, nationality, or lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions